Saturday, April 2, 2011

AromaTouch! - The Ultimate Massage

A few days ago I was really stressed out and my back was aching really badly. 

I tried giving myself a massage on my neck and tried to stretch out my legs to see if the ache would leave. 

After about 5 minutes the ache was starting to calm down a little bit but it was still really irritating!

I thought about using an essential oil (like always!) for this one. I was informed of a doterra blend specifically for massages. 

I was told that spas have started using this blend for their customers when they came in for massages.

The essential oil blend is called AromaTouch. 

The modern essentials book from doterra says that AromaTouch was constructed from specific essential oils that have the ability to relax, calm, and relieve tension of muscles, irritated tissue, and increase circulation.

Have you ever hurt yourself so badly that it started swelling? 

Well the cool part of AromaTouch is that it has an anti-inflammatory affect on your body. That means if you place a few drops of AromaTouch on your injury, it will reduce the swelling.

Basil essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil, and Lavender essential oil are just three of six essential oils using in this blend. (Click on the essential oils link to go to their blog posts and learn about their abilities)

Truth is, every essential oil has limitless properties! What happens when you mix six essential oils which all have unique, limitless properties in each of them? AromaTouch! The perfect massage!

Have a cold? It's okay! :) AromaTouch has Cypress essential oil which will help with improving lung circulation and all other respiratory problems.

Now, what makes doterra essential oils different from any other essential oils company? Simple. CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). 

CPTG is basically a test which says that doterra essential oils are pure, safe to use for ANYTHING! (including using it in cooking!) 

Thats how safe it is! And that the essential oils have NOT been tampered with other chemicals. Learn more about CPTG by clicking here

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