Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PSM - Menstrual Pain Reliever

LADIES we know exactly what pains you go through. Tired of not being able to get up from your bed? 

Does the pain take away life's enjoyments like sports or playing with your kids? 

Do you find yourself asking people to do things for you because the pain is so severe? 

Keep reading! There IS a solution for your Menstrual pains. 

doTERRA offers a rare, exciting blend of essential oils called FM Assist. In a formal description, FM Assist is designed to help relieve the monthly PMS discomfort experienced by females. 

Some of the ingredients in the FM Assist essential oil blend are as followed...

Cumin Essential Oil (Antispasmodic which may also help with headaches, indigestion, and nervous exhaustion)

Fennel Essential Oil (Another Antispasmodic that can help with balancing hormones and menopause problems)

Greek Sage Essential Oil (Has Antiseptic properties...Can also aid with Vaginitis and with balancing the hormones.)

Spanish Oregano Essential Oil (Pain Reliever and Antispasmodic. May also help induce menstruation and aid with cramping)

These four strong and powerful essential oils combined makes the perfect solution to PSM discomfort experienced by females.

Use FM Assist today to end cramps and any other PSM discomfort and have your life back with pain free!

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